As HR Generalist I have changed sides for you!

My offer covers, in German and English:

1- HRCM Quick Scan

You are not sure whether or not your application materials or your LinkedIn/Xing Profile are state-of-the art and convincing?

At a low service charge I asses your materials at hand (CV, letter of motivation, work certificates, etc.) along 15 criteria that are key for success, and I point at potential room for improvement (if there is any).

2- Application materials

Usually the competition for a given vacancy is very big. Companies have the challenge to filter out most promising candidates under extremely high time pressure. For that reason, especially bigger corporations use filter-software.

As per my long practical experiences as HR Generalist, Recruiter, Interviewer and HR Decision Maker on the corporate side I know how and for what criteria application materials are screened and what it takes to pass this step successfully. 

The © HRCM Method, which I have developed over the years, is a a highly structured and efficient approach to accomplishment: that is materials must transport your strengths, your experiences, your potential and your personality – as a grand solution!

You pursue a career (or career step) in an international organization?

Recruitment and selection processes in international organizations and EU agencies are very particular in terms of organizationalmind-set, decision making, processes,communication (written and verbal), testing and interviewing techniques (e.g. behavioural questioning). Considering these and corresponding with them significantly increase the chances of success.

What you will get

At the end, you will receive optimized materials electronically (PDF and WORD), for immediate use and as a strong base for following applications, as your career progresses.

3- Xing/LinkedIn Profile

Social Media presence in LinkedIn/Xing has become the norm. It is much advised your social media presence is done well.

As a HR Generalist and Recruiter I have been drafting numerous vacancies, placing and marketing them in a variety of media, also via LinkedIn/Xing. Equally, I was actively searching for potential candidates or have identified them while on general research. I have learned how to search in order to find. I like to share my knowledge with you!

What you will get

At the end you will administer a professional appealing LinkedIn/Xing profile that appears in recruiters’ searches (depending on your target).

4- Preparation for job interviews

Everyone knows from own experiences how important, sometimes life changing, most of the times exciting and stressful job interviews and tests tend to be. I have run through situations as an applicant myself.

As HR Generalist, on the other side, I regularly was (and actually still am for some projects) tasked to conduct job interviews and ensure professional processes and optimal selection decisions.

When confronted with high competition and the “unpredictable” it is always very helpful to take a look behind curtains, to understand decision criteria and possible requirements on the side of the company.

A sound preparation is half way to success. However, “success” in this context is not reduced to the outcome that the job is being offered to you, but to keep assuredness to have given a self-presentation in the most optimal way. It is not possible to manipulate an interviewer’s decision criteria at 100% to your advantage. Interviewers are (just) humans as well. They have the difficult task to select the best fit for the role and the company.

Applicants hardly can control what they are asked, but they definitely are in control of their answers, behaviour and body language!

The more targeted, systematic and sound your preparation for a job interview, the more you will be in command of your mind, your emotions and your answers – to keep a cool head and master your desired impact.

Based on theoretical knowledge and my long experience I have developed the © HRCM Consulting Interview Preparation Guidelines. A practical summary document offering orientation what a sound interview preparation should cover.

What you will get

By the HRCM Consulting Interview Preparation you will be able to prepare soundly and efficiently. You will gain self-confidence for your interview performance.

  • Sound research and mock interview
  • Elaborating best answers to most common questions
  • Raising awareness of your body language signals and most common pitfalls and No-Go’s
  • The HRCM Interview Preparation Guideline in PDF

5– HR/Business Coaching

For you to assess your situation thoroughly and to (re)act with confidence.

Professional career paths are not necessarily continuous and straight forward. In general, work life and labour demands are changing rapidly, greatly but not only due to the digital revolution. Equally, as an individual you develop and change with age and experiences, privately as well as professionally. In the course of life, often enough one finds him/herself in complex decision situations

During an employment there are a range of occasions, incidents and potential dynamics that are perceived as difficult or stressful, e.g. long-term sick leave, working times, maternity/paternity, mobbing/bossing, etc.

Systemic Business/HR Coaching can offer big support via structured and solution oriented dialogue with an expert. As a HR Allrounder I can you to assess your situation and identify different courses of actions, from a technical HR expertise.

What you will get

6- Workshops and briefings

I design and conduct workshops, briefings and other training formats on specific HR topics and application matters, demand driven and client oriented.

  • Clarity about your situation and
  • Clarity about your options and possible courses of action

Motives usually include employee motivation, learning-on-the-job, leadership development, outplacement, etc.

7- Scholars, apprentices, students

I have developed a special program directed at the target group aged 14 to 20 ruling a much reduced fee across the HRCM offer, at equally high quality standards.

Usually this target group covers students (school and university) and apprentices.

You apply for a summer job, an enrollment in a higher grade study, an apprenticeship or your first real job?

Demonstration of confidence in an application process requires self reflection and practice. In my application consulting for young individuals I aim at set a solid base for that.

I prepare young individuals for their professional life and support them in terms of applications and employment related challenges, depending on demand and situation individually or in a workshop.

To know the „rules of employment“ becomes critical as soon as the labour market is entered. In order minimise the hardships of „learning by error“ I pass over Austrian labour law basics and provide practical insights of how HR professionals think and act.

Additionally, I cooperate with partners and my network in the implementation of labour market and career development initiatives.

Since a few years I take part in the application training initiatives, that are established and run by the Österreichische Gewerbeverein, on a pro-bono basis.

Looking for a side job?

You are looking for additional income? An occasional minor employment seems ideal? Then please contact me!

Apart from my engagements as Coach/Consultant and Trainer I cooperate with art and cultural institutions in the field of Human Resources and Production Management.